FMA – Filipino Martial Arts

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FMA – Filipino Martial Arts Clinch Tactical Fighting trains specialized and improvised impact and bladed weapon craft.

Filipino Martial Arts/Kali (FMA) covers Single and Double sticks, Knife, Stick and Knife (espada daga), Staff, Long blade and other variations. Training with multiple weapons allows you to adapt and utilize efficiently any object you pick up in order to defend yourself.

Weapons bring out the best in your physical training by turbo charging your attributes. Body mechanics naturally get developed as you move the weapon to various angles of attack, both offence and defensively.

You will learn how to effectively neutralize blunt and edged weapon assaults. We train weapon to weapon so you can understand how to fight empty hand against a weapon.

Numerous training methods in all 7 ranges allows you to be a complete practitioner of these arts. Your ability to flow in and out of ranges gives you a great advantage and increases your hand foot coordination.

Empty hand translation is also included in the knowledge you receive. The application for street self defense is perfect for your personal protection as you learn how to attack primary targets.

Clinch - Weapons FMA, port coquitlamClinch - Knife FMA, port coquitlam

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