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Clinch - Weapons Fighting FMA

Instructor Gary Herman

Having trained with 16 different ground instructors and 18 different empty hand/weapon instructors: I Now Teach my Martial Art Way.

  • Black belt instructor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Official Gracie representative Megaton Dias, since 1995 to present.
  • Guro of indigenous fighting arts of the Philippines. Official Representative, Kali Mikita under Punong Guro Mark Mikita, 1998 to Jan 2010.
  • Involved in the martial arts since 1986 to present.
  • Has appeared in 11 training videos by Progressive Fighting Systems.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist (open and personal weight divisions) Rickson Gracie International Jiu-Jitsu Championships.
  • Street level tactics taught to law enforcement and security personnel.
  • Offensive and defensive hockey fighting skills taught to NHL and junior prospect level players.
  • Corner man for Clinch MMA amateur and professional fighters.                          

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Clinch Sal               clinch mma

Instructor Sal Snickerz

  • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under world champion Daniel Valverde.
  • 3rd degree blackbelt Kickboxing Sport Kickboxing Federation
  • 2nd degree blackbelt Tae Kwon Do National Team Western Canadian champion masters invitation champion
  • MMA Blackbelt Hybrid MMAFireball Challenge MMA champion, Western Canadian MMA Champion, Tiger Balms MMA champion gold medalist, Thailand stadium champion ,submission wrestling gold medalist, judo bronze Sport Kickboxing Champion, Masters invitational world champion, combat athletics grappling champion
  • Professional Muay Thai competitor sanctioned under WPMF to hold events in North America
  • COMMAND certified under Big John Mcarthy, working events as an official for BC athletic Commission
  • Professional MMA competitor
  • Certified under World Professional Muay Thai Federation
  • Nationally certified under C.A.S.K. certified official for amateur K1, Muay Thai, Kickboxing
  • Certified Sport Kickboxing trainer
  • Certified under Sangmorakot Gym Thailand as a Muay Thai trainer
  • Professional, MMA, Muay thai, and kickboxing experience



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